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Bay Scallops & Oysters Grown in Maryland's Chincoteague Bay

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Image by Matt Hardy


Baywater Seafood started in 2020 with founders Lee Beauchamp and Matthew Holloway. They set out to provide locally and naturally raised seafood, starting in the Chincoteague Bay. This region is world renowned for its sweet and salty oysters, but many don’t know the Chincoteague Bay was a major supplier of Bay Scallops in the 1800s and 1900s until over-fishing and a coastal hurricane in the 1930s devastated Bay Scallop habitat, and reshaped the region.

Today, Baywater Seafood grows Bay Scallops using state of the art aquaculture practices from seed sources up and down the east coast. They are dedicated to re-introduce a shellfish product that is widely unknown as a Maryland classic. A Bay Scallop is a smaller version of a Sea Scallop, and grows in shallower waters such as the Coastal Bays of Maryland's Eastern Shore (about 7 ft deep). Bay Scallops thrive here and can be found swimming in eel grass and other submerged aquatic vegetation. Unlike the larger Sea Scallop, Bay Scallops are best served in the half shell or cooked like oysters and clams. They captivate an audience however they're served, with each's unique coloration and pattern. The are sure to be a show-stopper from party appetizer to feature dish!

Image by Austin Neill


Baywater Seafood developed aquaculture practices by mirroring systems perfected around the world.



Our bay scallop seed starts out in floating nurseries that allow us to monitor the growth and quality on a daily basis.



Once the scallops are big enough, they are transferred to the grow out site in the Chincoteague Bay. They are set in lantern nets that give them room to grow and swim as they would in the wild without threat of predators.



The scallops will spend about 4 months in the lantern nets before they are then collected and sorted for in shell sales to restaurant and consumer markets.



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Lee Beauchamp is a 20 year US Army Veteran with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Delaware, and Master’s degree in Business Administration at Wilmington University. He has extensive experience in public water system management that translates well with making sure Baywater's Bay Scallops have the best conditions to grow and thrive.

Lee has always enjoyed being on the water, and  he decided it was time to make his love for the water a business that would bring the bounty of the sea to others. And with his tenacity, Baywater Seafood continues to supply Delmarva and beyond with its one-of-a-kind Bay Scallops!


Matthew Holloway has a Bachelor’s degree in Turf Grass Management at Virginia Tech. and has worked in agriculture and food production for 20 years. He actively manages and operates 4,000 acres of agriculture production land and 10 acres of hydroponic greens and vegetables. His understanding of agricultural production and operation gives him the insight needed to create innovative approaches to processing and packaging Bay Scallops.

Combined this with is life-long love of hunting, fishing, and spending time with family on the Chincoteague Bay, Matt is an asset to Baywater Seafood.

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Bryan’s entry into the seafood industry was fueled by his love of the water. After nearly 20 years in the agriculture business, he decided to make the ocean his office. Quality, hard work, and fun on the job keeps him getting to work before the sun every day. 

He managed his own company for 13 years and has worked in all aspects of business. Bryan is a walking encyclopedia of tides and marshes. Bryan’s interest in shellfish comes as a direct result of growing up on the Eastern Shore. Raised most of his childhood sailing up and down the coast, Bryan is heavily influenced by the Maryland seafood culture and developed an early appreciation for the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waterways. 


Claire is a Maryland native through and through. Born in Baltimore, she came to the Eastern Shore in 2017 and earned her Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and Biology at Salisbury University. She has a background in Environmental Education and shares her knowledge of Delmarva's unique ecosystem with Baywater Landing visitors from around the globe. As a former Naturalist for the Maryland Park Service and certified Adventure Facilitator, she is well versed in outdoor recreation and making sustainable choices for Baywater.

As a photographer, Claire applies her skills in content creation and design to manage Baywater Landing, Seafood, and Adventure social medias.

Image by Jade Stephens


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